It's Not Clean Unless It's All Clean
Office Buildings
All Clean Services has an in-depth understanding of what it takes to maintain commercial office buildings.  Our Senior management has not only serviced but previously managed more than 5 million square feet of commercial buildings.

This unique perspective allows ACS to design programs that meet the needs of property management firms, owners and developers alike.  Whether the need be to "Clean Green" or "Day Clean," ACS will design a program to meet the needs of our Clients.

From Class A high-rise buildings to stand-alone, owner-occupied structures, no facility is too big or too small for our team of dedicated
Schools and Training Facilities
No matter what the age range of your students, it's essential to provide them (and your faculty and staff) with the cleanest possible environment.  Their motivation to listen, learn, and work is directly affected by how well maintained the school is.

Amid the recent, nationwide concerns about communicable diseases, All Clean Services  helps you fight the spread of germs on countless surfaces at your school.  We take a basic, A-B-C's approach:
Healthcare Facilities
Whatever the size or type of your healthcare facility, keeping it clean is a constant, urgent priority.  Your All Clean Account Supervisor will develop a plan for cleaning it based on detailed observations and in-depth discussion with you.

The strength of disinfectants we use, how often we change cleaning cloths and mops, and other cleaning-procedure details will be under your control.  If your facility follows procedures from a healthcare-accreditation organization, we will be glad to integrate their guidelines into our work processes.

The goal, of course, is to make your facility's cleanliness a key asset in restoring patient health and preventing the spread of illnesses.
One of the most demanding types of facilities to maintain, restaurants must be cleaned every night.  Studies show 70% of the reason patrons choose a restaurant is its appearance and cleanliness.

All Clean Services understands this and has developed a reputation for consistent, high-quality restaurant cleaning.  From buffing hardwood floors to cleaning and degreasing carpets to sanitizing vents, our industry experience assures that the job will be completed efficiently and effectively.

We work with you to develop a plan, customized to your establishment, that will consistently exceed local health standards.  Whether yours is a five-star restaurant or a more "everyday" kind of place, we're experienced with a wide variety of flooring, furniture, countertops, and other surfaces, and how to clean them with care.
Retail Stores
Today, with competition among retailers more intense than ever, every square foot matters in your store.  Our team starts by understanding how you and your customers view your store, and then we develop a comprehensive plan to clean it accordingly.

From floors to windows to common areas, our services help create the satisfying shopping experience for customers that keeps them coming back.  A key part of what we do is protecting your merchandise and decor before we begin cleaning.

Whether it's carpet, tile, or marble the appearance of a retail store is essential to attracting customers.  We know you spend significant money to make yours as appealing as possible.  As your partner we ensure that our flooring and janitorial services meet your exacting standards.
Our Services
Services Tailored to You . . . and Your Facility
O U R   F O C U S    A T    A L L    C L E A N    S E R V I C E S
Auto Dealerships
Winning the trust of prospective car buyers is essential.  A clean showroom makes your vehicles look good, of course, but there's more to consider than that.  To build solid customer relationships, your whole facility must sparkle.  Just as you detail the vehicles you sell, we "detail" both your showroom and the back-office areas of your dealership.

The All Clean Services approach to auto dealerships is to make every office, room, and surface as fresh and inviting as the inside of one of your brand-new vehicles.  After all, we know the "devil is in the details."
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A - Always use quality disinfectants to kill germs and bacteria
B - Better and continuous training for our cleaning crews
C - Consistent cleaning quality to improve your school's appearance and
      reduce the spread of germs which is so common inside schools.
At All Clean Services we understand and use state-of-the-art technique to maintain educational facilities.  As a result, you can focus on educating students, not on cleaning.
Contact Us to discuss your cleaning needs
Contact Us to discuss your cleaning needs
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